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Kick in the door wavin the .44
Kick in the door wavin the .44
Born in '95, From the Queen City, Pop punk, Blink 182, pizza, cartoons, family, Always Sunny, friends, chocolate milk, Doctor Who, pixar, super hero movies, clothes are overrated.
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Mia Sara as Sloane Peterson in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)

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Ever since you were a little boy, you’ve been living with so many unresolved things. Well, take it from an old man. Those things send us down a road… they make us who we are. And if anyone’s destined for greatness, it’s you, son. You owe the world your gifts. You just have to figure out how to use them…”

~ Ben Parker, The Amazing Spider-Man

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u know when u cold n ur nipnops go hard. why my titty betray me

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